• First, you have to log in to your account on our website before clicking on any coupon/offer. i.e Activate Cashback/Activate Reward
  • After you have logged in, add the products / services in your cart after visiting the store as you click on any of the links that are available on our website.
  • Make sure that you are not using any other coupon code other than the ones that are there on our website. 
  • Many merchants don’t allow you to pass your rewards or your cashback to any other user in any manner. So, in the case of Amazon, Paytm, etc, there will not be any cashback/rewards that can be added.
  • The users are advised not to use the Ad blockers/ browser extensions because they would prevent the tracking of cashback or sale.
  • Adding up to the discounts that you get for the online shopping where you can use the coupons and offers that are available on our website, Cashjio will also offer you the option of earning additional cashback while you shop online. There are various stores that will provide you with extra cashback in which you can check for the labels other than the coupon title such as ‘+ Upto 5% Cashback’ or ‘+ Flat Rs. 100 Reward’ etc that you can find on our site. You will get the cashback amount in your account that will be transferred in the cash form. Also, you can even redeem the cashback to get your gift vouchers from various stores.
  • There are various stores such as Paytmmall, Flipkart, etc that will allow you to earn cashback from the orders that you place and allow them to be used for only gift vouchers. In order to make this difference in an easy manner, you will get cashback type as a reward. In addition, you can also get the referral amount as a reward. You will get the reward amount that you can redeem in the form of gift vouchers from your favorite stores.
  • Pending – If you are placing an order through our website from any of the stores then you will be able to capture your transaction in 72 hours as it will get updated as “pending”.
The process of cashback is in such a manner that you will have to keep on waiting for the store as you confirm to us that your purchase was neither returned and not even exchanged. There are a few stores that will use the time to ensure the validation of the sale if it meets the conditions to earn the cashback. We are always working with the stores towards the reduction of this waiting time. Though, to be on the safer side, we would like to ensure that it might take 30-90 days in order to confirm the transaction.
It might sometimes even take 72 hours to finally track your transaction. In case, we are not able to track your transaction even after 72 hours then you can click here on the link provided on our website and file your missing claim of cashback for the transaction that was not even tracked. Also, keep in mind that the stores sometimes only accept the cashback claims till the 10th day from the date of purchase.
No, whatever cashback/reward you have in your account, it will never expire. You can be assured that it is your money that can be redeemed/ withdrawn anytime.
No, there won’t be any cost or fees that a user has to pay to withdraw his balance.
Now you can earn the cashback that has is upto a minimum threshold which is available for the withdrawal / redemption. If your cashback exceeds the minimum withdrawal threshold, then you can even redeem it by either;
  • The Cashback – You can get it via the Bank transfer as well as the Gift voucher.
  • Reward –  You can get the gift voucher from your favorite store.
It will take you upto 3 business days that will give us the time for processing of your redemption request.
  • The minimum withdrawal limits are: 
  • For Bank – Rs. 100
  • For Gift Voucher (Rewards) – Rs. 100
  • You can even earn the INR 25 cashback that will provide you with a bonus amount if you get a friend signing up after using the referral code/Link which will allow us to fulfill the requirements that are related to the referral. There will be no caps that are required on the number of friends that our user can refer to, this will enable you to earn an unlimited amount of reward as you refer the friends to our website.  So, the more friends you get, the more cashback you are entitled to earn. You can now invite friends and get ten percent of their cashback!

more friends!

more cashback!

invite friends & get 10% of each of their cashback learn more  
  • The user must use the Referral link during the process of signing up.
  • Then you have to verify your email address if you are signing up normally.
  • Then you have to verify your mobile number.
  • After this, you have to make at least a single transaction.
  • You will be eligible to get the referral reward after your total cashback/ saving/ rewards reach the value of INR 100 after the network confirms your sale that takes about 30 to 45 days.
It usually takes up to 72 hours for Cashjio to enable the tracking as well as help you in the reflection of your transaction in the dashboard. If your waiting time has already exceeded 72 hours and your transaction is yet not being reflected in your dashboard, this will enable you to create the missing cashback claim. You will be required to raise the missing cashback claim as you provide with all the information so that we can track your claim.
If your transaction is over 20 days old then we cannot actually accept your claim. It is a rule that is imposed over us by the affiliate networks, who usually don’t handle claims that are older than this.
In case,  your cashback claim has been rejected then Cashjio team is really sorry because there is very less that we can do about it. If your cashback claims are rejected, then there might be the issue that we have not been informed of the reason. Sometimes, the reason can be that the merchant might have already paid your cashback that would be as a commission to some other website or there might be a tracking issue that can be caused because of AdBlock, incorrect cookie setup, etc. It might seem harsh to you but actually, we don’t have any chance at getting back your cashback in case, it has been paid to some other website or it is not tracked properly due to any reason that can be a compliance issue with T&C, / Adblock, etc. That’s why the team Cashjio recommends the members to click through to merchants and complete all their transactions immediately and completely online. It can even get a lot better if the cookies can be cleared quickly before clicking through, it can even lessen the chances of your custom that can get linked to another website. I have another question but it is not answered anywhere in the help section. We would like to take a moment to apologize for not being able to give an answer to your question. You can contact us directly by following the link
  If you would like to contact us directly, then please follow the link
Well, for shopping, just visit Cashjio.com and from there you can go to any of your favourite websites. This will help you earn some cash while you shop! We are sure it cannot get better than this! Just Browse Cashjio, login, browse for some exciting coupons/ offers from the websites that you want to shop from. Then you just have to shop from any of your favourite stores such as Jabong, Myntra, Make my trip, Flipkart, etc. Also, use discount codes and save more money!
If you get to complete your order, we will help you in tracking your transaction in upto 72 hours in which we will add up the cashback to your Cashjio account as well as inform you the same via an email.
If your wallet gets more than INR 150 as  the ‘confirmed cashback’, or INR 100 as your ‘confirmed rewards’ the user can request for the payment and the Cashjio balance can get transferred to your Bank account or you can even get a free voucher.