Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy: A major part of this Agreement happens to be the Privacy &  Cookie Policy  after signing up for the agreement, the member hands over the full consent for providing the personal data to the website for any use in the future. Also, one needs to note the fact that according to the World Wide Web policies, internet users around the world would not get the access to post on the site. We won’t be associated with the transactions that are done with the retailers, and Cashjio is neither the seller nor the supplier of the goods or services that one can check on the website. Cashjio also doesn’t have any of the legal obligations that are associated to the sellers or the products or services of any kinds that are on display in the website. Other than that, Cashjio is not entitled for any responsibility or liability on the grounds of quality, safety as well as legality of goods or services available on the site. It is going to be the retailer who is going to supply the products barring Cashjio of any responsibility. It is suggested by Cashjio that the members use their own discretion while they perform any transaction with any of the retailers in any of the online transactions. In addition, as per the level of Applicable Law Permits, Cashjio is not entitled to any such liability regarding the transactions with the retailers that would include any limitation that is to the claims as well as demands that might be fulfilled or unfulfilled transactions being associated to any of the goods/ services/ retailers that might be on display on Cashjio or might have been supplied or sold on Cashjio.