Privacy & Cookie Policy

Our site, ‘’ is to help you elevate your shopping experience. The information that we store:

Our users must know that does a collection of information in case you subscribe to our newsletter.  So, after you complete the process of registration with us, we will ask you to provide us with the personal information that will be just your name as well as your email address. Though, it is to be noted that your email address will never get displayed on the site. Also, Cashjio will never pass on your private information to any other third party without asking for your permission for the same.  We might also request you for personal information so that we can provide you with better customer service. We ensure to store your information securely as well as never pass it to third parties till the client asks us to or it is required as per the law. 

Use of Third Parties 

Cashjio also contracts with the third parties in order to serve you with ads on our behalf over the Internet and even on the site at times. The third-party may collect the info about the visits made by the customer on the site as well as info about their dealing with our services and the products. The third-party might also use this info about your visits to us as well as on other websites to get the advertisements for the goods and services for you. This info is usually collected via the use of a pixel tag, which is an industry-standard technology that is used by most of the leading websites today. These are the third parties but these third parties are not allowed to sell or share any of your personal identifiable info in this process. The third-party vendors that also includes Google will use the cookies in order to serve you with the ads that are based on the user’s earlier visits on your website.  Google also uses the DoubleClick cookie that is enabled and helps Google as well as its partners that will help in serving you with ads for the users that is based on the visit to the sites as well as with the other sites on the Internet. The users can also opt-out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie that can be used for the interest-based advertising that is done by visiting the section of ‘ad settings’. Also, you can direct the users to opt-out of the third-party vendor’s use of cookies for the interest-based advertising after you visit the ‘’  

The use of Email

  To keep you informed of all the activities that you perform on, you are sent occasional emails by us, these emails are actually about your transaction in order to show how much has been earned by you via the referrals. Also, it will contain information about your payment confirmation as well as can be the administrative emails that are crucial about your activities on the website. These mails are never shared with anyone other than you.

There is also a weekly newsletter that will feature some of the best ideas that will help you to save more. You can also choose to not receive the newsletters from after informing us. We are against spamming by the members and we totally oppose it in our Terms and conditions. In case, you come across any spamming, you are always welcomed to inform us so that we can take suitable action.

What is a Cookie?

  A cookie happens to be a piece of information that is transferred by the website to the cookie file of the browser in your system. The browser will help you in saving the information as well as help you in sending it back to the server of the website every time the browser gets back to the website. The cookie will also contain the name of the domain (internet location) from where the cookie has come from, it will also have the info about the “lifetime” of the cookie (i.e. when this cookie will get expired), as well as the value that is a random unique number.   There are two different types of cookies that are used on Cashjio:
  1. Session cookies are actually the temporary cookies that stay in the cookie file of your browser till the time you leave the site.
  2. Persistent cookies are the cookies that stay in the cookie file of your browser for a longer time duration than the session cookies.
    Websites can curate the content with the help of cookies in order to match up with your interests quickly and thus are used by various leading websites.

How we use cookies on our site and what information we collect Session cookies Session cookies are used by us to:

  1.  Help you carry the information across the pages of our site and help you avoid re-entering the information.
  2. Helping to compile all the statistics that will enable us to understand how the users will get to use our site and also helping us to improve our website’s structure.
  Persistent cookies The persistent cookies are used by us:
  1. In order to get your name displayed and help you get the cashback balance whenever you access our site.  It is done by using the cookie ‘Remember me’.
  2. Cashjio can also use the other persistent cookies time and again to help you get recognized as a unique visitor every time you get back to our website as well as to help you monitor the use of our website. It will also help you to customize the content in the specific site areas and provide you with promotions that will help us in matching your preferred interests.
Also, the user must keep in mind that to use the information that is collected through the use of the persistent as well as the session type of cookies will be subjected to our privacy policy. Cookies and our site:   In case, you shop through our website then there is a cookie which is placed on your computer. This will help you to track the purchases that are made with the participating retailers as well as help you to earn the cashback/points. In case, you don’t have these cookies enabled on your computer, you won’t be eligible to get any points/ cashback while you shop from our website.   Disabling/enabling cookies  In case, you can get to accept or decline cookies then you can modify the settings in your browser. Though it might not make you eligible to use all the features of your site in case, you have disabled cookies.  Point to note: If you have disabled your cookies in the browser that can help you track the purchase on our website, then you won’t be able to earn the points/ cashback via our website.  You can manage your cookies in a lot of ways. In fact, you can even use different computers in various locations so that your browser can get adjusted to your cookie preferences.   Also, it is easy for a user to delete the cookies that are installed in the cookie folder of the browser. In case, you are using Microsoft Windows Explorer:
  1. You need to  open ‘Windows Explorer’
  2. Then you have to click on the ‘Search’ button which is on the toolbar
  3. Then you will type “cookie” into the search box and open your ‘Folders and Files’
  4. Post this; you will select ‘My Computer’ in the ‘Look In’ box.
  5. Then click  on ‘Search Now’
  6. Post this; perform a double click on the folders. ‘
  7. Select’ any of the cookie files
  8. Click on the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard.
In case, you are not using the Microsoft Windows Explorer, then you must choose the “cookies” which is in the “Help” function providing you the information on where you can find the cookie folder.