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Terms & Conditions

Cashjio.com is one of the most promising startups that provide exciting deals and coupons. The users are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully while using any of the services of Cashjio.com as using the services of Cashjio entitles you to agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

One can easily access the membership of the website by registering themselves on the website and providing accurate information that is asked by the website. The users will be asked for the confirmation regarding the agreement on the terms and services, if the user doesn’t agree on the terms and services that are mentioned on Cashjio.com, the member would not be able to access the services of Cashjio.com.

The users would be asked to submit certain information while registering on Cashjio.com.

The users are reminded that to ensure the non-termination of their accounts, they are requested not to run any paid ads on Google, failing which there would be immediate action of account termination.

It is by default on Cashjio that the applicable transactions are going to be in line regarding the transactions that are reported to Cashjio by the retailer that could be lesser or more than the rate that is advertised on Cashjio.com.

Cashjio does not hold any liability regarding ant of the difference in the cashback that might be expected as well as the cashback that might be actually received by the member.

After the completion of the process of the payment, the transaction is qualified into the account of the user under the section of the website named ‘pending payment’. After the transaction is confirmed by the retailer, the payment gets validated in the user’s account that can take around 90 days or even more that, beginning from the date of purchase of the user.

In the case of the sale being reversed in the terms of the goods being returned or any other means whatsoever, the cashback will not be made. Other than the retailer associated with the transaction, the members are also liable to inform the website regarding the ant of the returns as well as the exchanged that had entitled them to any undue cashback.

In the case of the retailer informing Cashjio regarding the purchase not being a genuine one and the website not receiving any cashback, the members won’t be liable to receive any cashback.

In the scenario where any inquiry is sent to Cashjio in the case of missing cashback, it would be the system that would make sure that the exit clicks are made by the member from the website of Cashjio on the date that is mentioned by the members, in the case where no exit clicks are tracked from Cashjio.com, a message is sent to the user stating no clicks being made via Cashjio to entitle them to any cashback before making any purchase.

Each exit click is going to be saved in the database in order to perform the cross-reference while the cashback values are added. In the cases where the commission inquiry is paid by the retailer, the member is entitled to receive lesser amounts than that of expected, this amount would be lesser because of the amounts that are received by us which might be a lower amount than the original claim that might be made. It can be enquired by the member from the website by rightful permits.

In the case where the retailer hasn’t paid the manual commission claim in spite of the completion of the time period of six months then all the rights are rightfully held by Cashjio that it can even close the inquiry claim.

The payment for the Missing Cashback would be just applicable in the cases where the company is paid by the Retailer.

Third parties contact: If Cashjio is contacted by anyone regarding any of our material or transactions that are associated with Cashjio or its account, the member has to agree in:

I) Providing us with all the information with the assistance that is needed in connection to the response to the contact; and
II) For every prompt response and sent accurately, the message is going to be passed to you for a response.

Additional services:  The partners of Cashjio.com, as well as Cashjio itself, have the power to offer new or even the additional services through the website at different time intervals. The use of the services of Cashjio might be subject to certain additional terms and conditions, that the members need to agree to. Along with that, the condition is that the terms are notified to you on the website of Cashjio.com in the appropriate manner (that is to be determined by us through our discretion) while you agree to our services, if there is any failure by you in complying with the material provision of the terms that govern those services, it will lead to a breach of this Agreement.

Privacy & Cookie Policy: A major part of this Agreement happens to be the Privacy & Cookie Policy; after signing up for the agreement, the member hands over the full consent for providing the personal data to the website for any use in the future. Also, one needs to note the fact that according to the World Wide Web policies, internet users around the world would not get access to post on the site.

We won’t be associated with the transactions that are done with the retailers, and Cashjio is neither the seller nor the supplier of the goods or services that one can check on the website. Cashjio also doesn’t have any of the legal obligations that are associated with the sellers of the products or services of any kind that are on display on the website.

Other than that, Cashjio is not entitled to any responsibility or liability on the grounds of quality, safety as well as the legality of goods or services available on the site. It is going to be the retailer who is going to supply the products barring Cashjio of any responsibility. It is suggested by Cashjio that the members use their own discretion while they perform any transaction with any of the retailers in any of the online transactions. In addition, as per the level of Applicable Law Permits, Cashjio is not entitled to any such liability regarding the transactions with the retailers that would include any limitation that is to the claims as well as demands that might be fulfilled or unfulfilled transactions being associated to any of the goods/ services/ retailers that might be on display on Cashjio or might have been supplied or sold on Cashjio.

Cashback Service:

Cashjio has the entire rights for withdrawal, modification as well as the suspension of all the aspects of the Cashback Service, as well as even completely about it where Cashjio.com reserves all the rights in terms of legal, technical as well as the security purpose as well as even the commercial reasons. Also, the Cashback Service, however, would get inaccessible due to technical difficulties that can be experienced by us or even on the Internet; reasonable skills, however, would be used by us in order to overcome such difficulties wherever such difficulties are in control. It is to be noted that continuous access to the Cashback Service or any of the content appearing on it is not guaranteed. However, we would do our level best to ensure the information at the time of accessing the cashback service about the unavailability periods. Also, it is to be noted that you might be required to change passwords and other information that grants you the access to the  website.


a. Cashjio.com fully provides the warranty of the CashbackService along with reasonable care and skill that is placed with the right intention in order to meet our specifications while a member avails the Cashback Service, however, Cashjio.com cannot guarantee the Cashback Service to meet the expectations/ requirements of the clients.
b. Cashjio.com will be liable to as expressed in the Agreement, but will not have any similar (or not) duty, obligation, or liability whatsoever in contract, tort (that might include the breach of statutory duty, negligence as well as any other tort) or otherwise.
c. This agreement will not have even a single line that excludes or restricts our liability for any death or personal injury if that might result from our negligence.

Cashjio.com holds all the rights to change this agreement at different time intervals as well as after the new version comes on the Cashback Service. During the time when any change is made, the later version of the Agreement is going to be posted on the Cashback Service, from the same time, the new version of these terms and conditions are going to be enforceable and will be used in will get into effect, and the Cashback Service will be enforced and also your relationship with us:

a. Starting in the time period of thirty days from the date of posting (or from that of the later date which is in the significant
b. posting), if there are any changes in the operative provision of the Agreement that might have the potential of affecting adversely affecting you; if one does not wish to be governed by the new version of the Agreement, it can be notified to the team at Cashjio.com on or before the date at the time whenever there is a newer version of the Agreement that is considered in effect, and from this date, the members can discontinue using the services of Cashjio.com; or
c. immediately into effect from the date of posting (or any of the later date that is indicated via us in the relevant posting), in the case where the changes are not in the operative provisions, or the changes do not have the potential of adversely affecting the members – examples of which might include, without limitation, changes to the contact details referred to, or the refinement of provisions that already have secured a place in the already have the inclusion in this Agreement.
d. The case of Limitation of Liability: It is going to be the subject that always happens to be the sub-Clause. below, we shall also be liable for any direct loss or damage only, whether it is in contract, tort (be it its negligence, breach of statutory duty or any other tort) or if there is any other case, even if it happens to be caused by its act or omission or even if that is of its employees, agents or any of its subcontractors. The aggregate liability of our Company as well as of the affiliated parties will not exceed Rs 500.
e. Cashjio.com would not be liable to you or anyone else, whether in contract, tort (which includes negligence, breach of statutory duty or other torts) or otherwise
a. (A) In the case of any loss of business, revenue, anticipated savings or even profits; (B) if there is going to be any error in or omissions from the Site or from any of the other service or product that could be obtained therefrom; (C) In case of any unavailability or in the case of any interruption of the Site or if there are going to be any features thereof; (D) or for your use of the Site; (E) for the content and also the materials which happen to be contained on the Site; (F) or if there is any delay/ failure that is in your performance that might be in your performance.
b. Regarding any of the special, indirect, or consequential loss damage, costs or any other claims, whichsoever that are caused or can even arise, be it through the non-supply or even through the late supply of the Cashback Service or maybe by any of the other non-performance of this Agreement or even otherwise.
c. Except in the case of being expressly stated anywhere in the Agreement, every representation, conditions, warranties, and other terms.
d. In the case of it being expressed or implied (by the common law, statute, collaterally or otherwise) which happens to be excluded, that is not going to be the same in the case of fraud, or even in the case where similar exclusion will not be permitted by any of the Applicable Law.
e. In the case of avoidance of any doubt,Cashjio.com shall not be we would not have any liability to either you or to any other person when it is considered in material that happens to be contributed by either the members of the transactions (or non-transactions) with the Retailers or any other similar activity or communication that is related to any such material or any similar transactions.

The provisions of this Clause shall not be affected in the case of the termination or even in the case of the expiry of this Agreement.

In the condition where any term of this Agreement is considered invalid or unenforceable, in such a situation, the remaining agreement still remains enforceable as well as valid. The company, as well as the members, is considered independent contractors, which means that no partnership, agency, joint venture or employee-employer relationship can be intended or created via this Agreement. In situations where there is any breach that happens, it will not waive our right to act upon any subsequent or similar breaches. By this agreement, and our relationship with the members of Cashjio.com is governed by the Indian Laws. The company, as well as the members, agrees to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts that deals with any of the disputes that might rise up in the connection with this Agreement.

Cashjio.com doesn’t have the possession of the separately filed individual agreements that have been filled in by the members of Cashjio during the registration to enable cashback services. It can be accessed are entered into by Members at the time of registration for the Cashback Service. It can be accessed easily via Cashjio.com. The members are requested to keep a copy of the agreement in print or a soft copy by downloading it on the computer. These T & C are only available in English.